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Letter to Ford Parts Departments

Dear Ford Parts Department,

I recently purchased a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 4x4. I love my truck! However, there was just one part missing that drove me crazy and made my brand new $40,000 truck look unfinished: a decorative trim bezel around my ignition cylinder. It was also very frustrating to keep jamming my key in the crack next to the ignition cylinder.

I asked my local Ford parts department to order me my missing trim ring, and according to them the part is not listed on the assembly drawings. It appears this part was overlooked entirely for all XL and XLT models (the Lariat has push-to-start). I then did some research and found a Ranger5g message board with nine pages of people complaining about this missing part.

As a product design engineer, with a decade of plastic part design experience, I took it upon myself to design, prototype, test, and 3D print my own trim ring bezel. I posted my design process on the Ranger5g message board and received a large amount of interest from people wanting to buy my design. You can read about my design process and see customer feedback here:

If you have any customers come to your parts department and ask about their missing trim ring bezel, please tell them to visit our website to purchase their own 3D printed trim ring bezel for $15!

Heaven Designs LLC - Ignition Trim Ring Bezel 3D Printed Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019+ XL and XLT

All our parts are made in the USA! They ship USPS in a first class padded envelope. These envelopes usually ship the next business day. We will take a picture of each stamped envelope before we mail.

· Each part is 3D printed from gray nylon material on the HP MJF printer.

· Each part comes in an unfinished medium-gray color; which the customer can sand, polish, dye, or paint however they want.

· The customer can paint them to match their exterior color using a $20 touch-up paint pen from your parts department.

Thanks for your time. Please follow us on social media!


Jacob Heaven

President, Heaven Designs LLC

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